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The London Clinic is a centre of expertise for hip surgery and hip replacements are one of the operations most frequently performed by our specialist orthopaedic surgeons.

Chronic hip pain can be debilitating, affecting your health and your quality of life. Hip replacement surgery can reduce the pain and improve your mobility and your well-being.

In a healthy hip, the cartilage lining the bones helps the ball and socket joint move smoothly against each other. Arthritis or injury can damage or wear away this cartilage, making movement painful and difficult. If painkillers, exercise and physiotherapy don’t ease the pain, surgical replacement of the hip joint may be necessary.

Our expert surgeons can replace the damaged ball and socket with state-of-the-art prosthetic devices and the dedicated physiotherapy team will help you get back on your feet using The London Clinic’s exclusive patient pathway.

98% of our patients said they would recommend The London Clinic to their friends and families.

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Why choose The London Clinic?

Personalised care and support

The London Clinic is dedicated to providing the best, personalised healthcare with over 600 world-renowned consultants available to offer informed health advice and treatment. There are no waiting lists, surgery can be arranged at a time to suit you.

Spanning Harley Street and Devonshire Place, The London Clinic is situated in the heart of London’s internationally-known medical district.

Offering affordable and competitive self-pay packages and expert support from Clinical Nurse Specialists and specialised multi-disciplinary teams.

World-renowned hip surgeons

Many people are concerned that hip replacement may increase pain or decrease mobility. However, this operation is one of the most commonly carried out orthopaedic surgeries and success rates are excellent. Post-operatively, most people have a significantly less pain and an improvement in their hip’s range of movement. A year after surgery, more than 90% of people were satisfied with their hip replacement.

The London Clinic offers a range of diagnostic imaging so that your orthopaedic consultant has all the information necessary to customise a treatment plan to your needs. Our Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeons at The London Clinic will discuss your individual care with you, suggest therapeutic options and answer any questions you have in detail.

State-of-the-art technology

The London Clinic offers state-of-the-art technologies and facilities not widely available in other hospitals, making it the hospital of choice for around 120,000 patients every year.

The dedicated physiotherapy team will help you get back on your feet using an exclusive patient pathway, which includes controlled mobilisation on our AlterG anti-gravity treadmill, developed using NASA technology, and rehabilitation in our hydrotherapy pool.

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